Biomechanics Yellow Pages Updates and Additions

Last updated: August 17, 1997

This list contains a list of biomechanics-related companies.

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Table of Contents

(imaging software for MRI)
Computerized Function Testing Corporation (CFTC)
(clinical gait analysis network)
(forceplate and foot orthotics)
Human Performance Technologies (HPT)
(measurement and assessment of human motion)
Motion Analysis Corp.
(2D and 3D motion capture systems)
(modeling & animation software)
RUN Technologies
(data acquisition, processing, and analysis systems)

CNSoftware (Stewartville, MN, USA & Southwater, UK)

Analzye provides a complete environment for the interactive
manipulation, and measurement of biomedical and other digital images.

2-D Display

Interactive 2-D image generation and display. Display of multiple images
with variable size control. Generation and display of oblique planar
through 3-D volumes. Generation of oblique sections normal to a trace
vessel and bone sectioning. Interactive generation of "curved" images
and/or radial image sections through volumes.

3-D Image Segmentation

Simple region growing based object extractor for rapid 3-D segmentation.
Semi-automatic segmentation using advanced 2-D and 3-D morphology.
editing and automatic connection/deletion of multiple objects using
growing, manual tracing, and spline curve manipulation.

Image Measurement

Interactive region definition. Volumetric analysis using rendered images
and 3-D objects.

Advanced 3-D Image Manipulation

Volume rendering using ray casting to display 3-D images from volumetric
data. Combined slice and rendered display with interactive tool.

WWW: n/a
Contact: Dr. Kunal Sen, V.P. Technology Services
Address: Computerized Functional Testing Corporation
Chicago Technology Park
2201 W. Campbell Park Drive, Suite 226
Chicago, Illinois 60612-3501
Phone: (312) 733-4888
FAX: (312) 733-7512
E-mail: 70031.523@compuserve.com
Updated: 08/17/97

Computerized Function Testing Corporation (CFTC) (Chicago, Illinois,
Computerized Functional Testing Corporation (CFTC) services a national
network of gait analysis clinics.

The CFTC GaitLink system is built around our proprietary motion-tracking
digitizer board that plugs into an IBM-PC compatible computer. The basic
system uses two video cameras and a force-platform to record the
and kinematics of the test subject.

Data acquired at the remote test sites are electronically transmitted to
the centralized data-processing/analysis center in Chicago. Processed
and a clinical report is sent back to the remote site within 48 hours.

The GaitLink hardware and software may also be used for general research
use where accurate motion measurement is needed. Being designed around a
compatible ISA-bus board, the system can be easily incorporated into any
custom application.

WWW: http://www.cftc.com/
Contact: Gene Alexander & Jeff Sum
Address: Computerized Functional Testing Corporation
1725 W. Harrison, Box 22
Chicago, Illinois 60612
Phone: (312) 563-2231
FAX: (312) 421-5679
E-mail: 70031.523@compuserve.com
Updated: 08/17/97

Delsys (Boston, MA, USA)
Delsys is a young company consisting of individuals with a long history
experience in electromyography and biomechanics. The company was founded
Carlo J De Luca, director of the NeuroMuscular Research Center at Boston
University and co-author of Muscles Alive. It was established for the
purpose of transferring technology developed by his research group
the past quarter century.

Delsys offers two special surface EMG electrodes: a two-channel portable
EMG system, and an eight-channel EMG system designed to be integrated
a personal computer. All our products are precision instruments. They
designed and constructed to meet the most exacting needs of researchers
clinicians. Other products are under development and will be announced
they are ready for delivery.

WWW: http://www.delsys.com/~delsys/
Contact: Rahul Patel, Operations Engineer
Address: Delsys
P.O. Box 15734
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: (617) 236-0599
FAX: (617) 236-0549
E-mail: delsys@delsys.com
Updated: 08/17/97

Footmaxx (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Footmaxx provides gait and pressure analysis forceplate technology and
prescription foot orthotics.

WWW: http://www.footmaxx.com/
Contact: n/a
Address: Footmaxx
468 Queen Street East, Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5A 1T7
Phone: n/a
FAX: n/a
E-mail: webmaster@footmaxx.com
Updated: 08/17/97

Human Performance Technolgies (HPT) (Jupiter, FL, USA)
Human Performance Technologies, Inc. (HPT) specializes in the
and assessment of human motion. Our business consists of the development
and implementation of software applications including the outsourcing of
human motion measurement services. The cornerstone of our outsourcing
service is a patent pending process called BioLINKSM. BioLINKSM combines
many different types of biomechanical measurement into a very effective
functional assessment tool. The user is provided with the ability to
collect data or perform functional testing with the aid of only the
essential hardware whereby minimizing the cost while maximizing
convenience. HPT then provides data processing and analysis using its
equipment, proprietary software, and trained staff. Full service data
management is included for outcome studies and individual comparisons.

WWW: http://www.htp-biolink.com/
Contact: George Bock, Director of Operations
Address: Human Performance Technologies, Inc.
825 S. US Highway 1, Suite 200
Jupiter, FL 33477
Phone: (888) 4HPTINC or (888) 447-8462
FAX: (561) 744-5204
E-mail: george_bock@hpt-biolink.com
Updated: 08/17/97

Motion Analysis Corporation (Santa Rosa, CA, USA)
Motion Analysis Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer, supplier, and
distributor of 2-D and 3-D manual, video tape, real-time, and fully
automated motion capture systems. Motion Analysis systems feature
solutions for clinical gait management, ergonomics, general
posture, neuroscience, spine and back, sports, character animation, and
research. In addition to its software solutions, Motional Analysis
operate on Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, or Microsoft Windows NT
computer platforms. Motion Analysis systems are used in universities,
medical centers, pediatrics and neuromuscular hospitals, professional
sports, and general business and industries.

Motion Analysis' unique systems are tailored to the end user's needs
matching proprietary cameras (0-240 Hz) and software to the client's

For office locations in US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, please
contact our e-mail address at info@motionanalysis.com.

WWW: http://www.motionanalysis.com/
Contact: Daniel India, Vice President
Address: Motion Analysis Corporation
3617 Westwind Blvd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 USA
Phone: (707) 579-6500
FAX: (707) 526-0629
E-mail: info@motionanalysis.com.
Updated: 08/17/97

Musculographics, Inc. (Evanston, IL, USA)
MusculoGraphics, Inc., is a consulting and software development company
specializing in biomechanics. The company was formed to help satisfy the
growing need for highly accurate computer models of the human body. In
addition to marketing several software programs, the company also
custom software solutions in collaboration with industry partners.

Products: SIMM (Software for Interactive Musculoskeletal Modeling) is a
graphics-based software system that enables the user to quickly develop
analyze musculoskeletal models.

SIMM/Gait is an enhanced version of SIMM for use in animating and
movement analysis data. It includes a translator program that converts
data you collect in your gait lab to a format readable by SIMM.

The Dynamics Pipeline is a general-purpose software package which
the dynamics of rigid-body systems. The Pipeline enables users to
forward and inverse dynamic simulations on musculoskeletal models
doing any programming.

WWW: http://www.musculographics.com/
Contact: Art Wong, Director of Marketing and Operations
Address: MusculoGraphics, Inc.
1840 Oak Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone: 847 866-1882
FAX: 847 866-1808
E-mail: info@musculographics.com
Updated: 08/17/97

RUN Technologies (Laguna Hills, CA, USA)
RUN Technologies develops DATAPAC II for DOS and DATAPAC III for
modular software systems for analog data acquisition, processing, and

Highlights include:

Acquisition: Accepts EMG, force plate, goniometer, accelerometer, or
forms of analog signal; independently selectable sampling rate on each
channel; display incoming signals in real time; available in both
and notebook hardware configurations.

Processing: Gain/offset adjustment and calibration, linear/RMS
differentiation, integration, rectification, copy/combine signals, and
frequency filtering; apply up to 10 processing operations to each
view processed and raw signals simultaneously; no permanent modification
raw signals required.

Analysis: Power Spectrum Analysis, Signal Averaging, Force Plate
Histogram Analysis, and Scientific Spreadsheet (ideal for timing and
latency analyses, itemized measurements, and comparisons of
peak/integrated/mean amplitudes, burst durations, onset-onset intervals,

Additional Features: Accepts analog, force plate, and kinematic data
from many sources; converts, appends, and merges files from difference
sources; contains event selection and editing capabilities.

WWW: http://www.anaserve.com/~runtech/
Contact: Rick Lambert, Director of Applications Development
Address: RUN Technologies
25622 Rolling Hills Road
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Phone: (714) 348-1234n/a
FAX: (714) 348-1234n/a
E-mail: RunTech@ix.netcom.com
Updated: 08/17/97