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Basketball Agility

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  • Basketball Agility

    >My name is Ben Freeman and I am a third year Sport Science undergraduate
    >student at the University of Tasmania. I am presently undertaking a
    >'special study' on agility in basketball players. My lit review has
    >come up with relatively few articles specifically pertaining to this topic.
    >My question to the list is does anyone know of any specifically related
    >journal or book articles to my topic ie. agility in basketball players.
    >Thanks in advance
    >Ben Freeman.

    Please e-mail me either on or off the list at the above address.

    Barrow, H.M., 1959, Basketball Skill Test, The Physical Educator, vol. 10,
    pp. 26-27.

    Godfrey, B.B. and Kephart, N.C., 1969, Movement Patterns and Motor
    Education, Prentice-Hall Inc., New Jersey.

    Hopkins, D. R., 1979, Using the AAHPERD Basketball Skill Test for Women,
    Journal of Physical Education and Recreation, Nov/Dec, pp. 72-73.

    Lehsten, W., 1948, A Measure of Basketball Skills, The Physical Educator,
    vol. 5, pp.103-109.

    Whaley, D., 1987, Improving Foot Quickness in the High-School Athlete,
    National Strength and Conditioning Journal, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 47-49.