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    Check authors:

    1) Yamada,
    2) Evans, and
    3) Cohen (CRC on Bone Mechanics)

    Good luck.

    Tyler A. Kress, Ph.D.
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    On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, P. STEPHENSON wrote:

    > Dear All,
    > I am desperate to find some references that will give me the
    > mechanical properties of the cortical bone in the human femur.
    > This information is required in order to carry out a finite element
    > analysis.
    > The most relevant parameters are Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio and
    > shear modulus. As we are regarding bone as an isotropic material it
    > is necessary to determine these values in three mutually orthogonal
    > co-ordinate directions.
    > All values and references will be gratefully accepted. A summary of
    > replies will be posted as and when the replies cease to roll in.
    > Thanking you in advance.
    > Paul.
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