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    I hope this will be the correct forum for my quest. Please forgive me in advance as I am not a student of or a biomechanic professional, so try and understand the words that I use for my field of expertise. I am a volunteer with my local sheriff’s search and rescue squad and require some advanced information to further my skills. My interests and research are in the field of tracking humans.

    Problems: 1) We encounter human tracks during searches for lost people that give us certain dimensional information. Stride (left heel strike to right heel strike), stradle (measure of distance between prints), print angle (measure of angle between c/l of gait to c/l of print), shoe length/width ...etc. I would like to use these dimensions to generate (to some acceptible level of probability) the subject’s Age, Gender, Height, and Weight.

    and the inverse 2) We are given subject information from the family -age, gender, height, weight, possible physical ailments, shoe size. Can this information help me generate (to some acceptible level of probability) what the subject’s stride, stradle, print angle, and print dimensions?

    You can see what value this information would be to the determination of following the correct set of tracks and the saving of this person’s life. Currently we rely on the personal learned skills of the tracker and their interpatation of the track information.

    My goal is to utilize this data in an applicable computer program or a field usable hand held ‘circular’ calculator.

    Does anyone know any related experiments and/or results? I would like 1) data or source of data, 2) if data does not exsist then perhaps a grad student that would be willing to work with me to establish such a research project (need a thesis?), or 3) without 1 or 2 ... information on best method (lo-tech) to set up and self study these issues.

    I plan on sharing this information throughout the SAR community and a summary on the topic will be posted.

    Thanks in advance.
    Del Morris
    Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department SAR/Helo Unit
    Voice 707.763.1858
    Fax 707.763.1884
    PO Box 2220
    Petaluma, CA 94953-2220
    ¢éì¹»®&Þ±éÝPÔ” ‘  ã»h,„“HDUž',º·çzÙåŠæ¢·¢ú+ «b¢xm¶Ÿÿà $Š{œjX¯'þ+ý¸¨™Èe†Ù¥