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    On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Aarif Rajan wrote:

    > I'm a undergrad student currently taking a course in work & exercise
    > physiology. We are going to do a lab project on anything we want but I'm
    > having a little trouble thinking of something interesting to study for
    > this project.
    > Does anyone have any suggestions?


    A good way to get ideas is to go to the library and read some
    journal articles to see the sort of research that is being done in the
    exercise physiology field. Review articles can give you a general
    picture of what is known about a particular topic. You should also read
    several different articles describing original experiments just to see
    how one goes about planning them and setting them up. For a project in
    an undergraduate class, I wouldn't worry too much about whether someone
    has already studied your topic. Don't mimic an experiment that you've
    read about (unless you can put some new wrinkle on it), but don't spend
    hours and hours searching the literature just to make sure your project
    is original - it's not likely to be completely original anyway.

    I would start by reading some articles from the Journal of Applied
    Physiology or the Journal of Experimental Biology. Your professor can
    probably suggest other sources. Remember that an experiment that sounds
    straightforward when you read about it probably took several wrong turns
    and several months before it came out right. Your project will
    probably be considerably simpler than those that you read about.

    Good luck,

    Jason Blank
    Dept. of Cell Biology
    Duke University Medical School