Dear Colleagues,

I would like to characterize the large deformation of a hollow tube
subjected to bending, including the Brazier effect and the buckling
behavior. The material properties are nonlinear, but even an
understanding of linearly elastic behavior would be helpful. Ideally I
would have both an analytic solution to the finite deformation problem
as well as a finite element solution. To that end, I have the following
two questions.

1. Can anyone direct me to an analytic solution to the bending of a
hollow tube? My understanding is that the finite deformation solution
for radial symmetric geometry tested in bending is not trivial.
References would be greatly appreciated.

2. Do people have a preference for FEA packages that can handle
large deformation problems accurately? The 5 packages I am looking at
include: ABAQUS, ALGOR, ANSYS, COSMOS, and NASTRAN. Cost and
user-friendliness may be an issue. Commentary on the various packages
would be appreciated.

Thank you for your attention.

Stephen Rossi, PhD