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Ergonomics & Ultrasound transducers

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  • Ergonomics & Ultrasound transducers

    Dear list members

    A while ago I asked the list the following question:

    A local medical ultrasonographyer has asked me if I have any information
    about ergonomically designed ultrasound transducers.
    Does anyone out there have any ideas on where to look for any
    information/ideas, who to contact, about ergonomically designed

    Thanks to everyone who responded.
    I promised I would send a compilation of the responses, here it is:

    Our experience with overuse syndrome, such as you describe, has lead us
    to believe that most such problems have more to do with intrinsic
    factors, i.e., tool use and technique, than equipment design. These
    factors are generally overlooked in the research literature. I do not
    know of any redesigned transducers; most of the ones I've seen in the US
    tend to promote incorrect use. The so-called "required wrist movements"
    are not obligatory, and other movements could be employed even with a
    poorly designed tool.
    Best regards,
    Greg Dempster
    Triangle Associates

    You could contact enterprises involved with the development of
    ultrasound equipment. I know of VingmedSound in Norway. I think they
    have a homepage on the net (
    Furthermore, there is Sonotron in the Netherlands
    e-mail: (although I thought it was
    Maartje Kreykamp

    Heneley International carries an ultrasound that allows you to use it
    with the wrist in neutral. Sonoplus 434(Enrof Nonus).
    Hope this is helpful.

    Yvonne Bird
    HRC Training Fellow
    Injury Prevention Research Unit
    University of Otago, PO BOX 913

    Ph: (03) 479 8526
    Fax: (03) 479 8337