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Job opening: Decathlon company

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  • Job opening: Decathlon company

    >DECATHLON is one of the leading sporting goods companies on the European
    >market. Its subsidiary Decathlon Production employes more than 150 engineers,
    >designers and prototypists to developp exclusive technical products for our
    >own 160 European stores.
    >The "Advanced Research Department" is recruiting 2 candidates for the
    >position of Research Engineer:
    >1/ BIOMECHANICS RESEARCH ENGINEER (tenure-track position)
    >RESPONSIBILITIES: To seek for research needs in the area of movement and
    >comfort in sports. To conduct applied and basic research programs through
    >partnerships with external laboratories. To report scientific findings and to
    >propose industrial applications.
    >QUALIFICATION: Candidates must have a PhD or equivalent in the area of
    >biomechanics or human factor engineering. A 2-5 years research experience in
    >industry or product engineering will be appreciated, as well as a regular
    >practice and strong knowledge of sports.
    >2/ ANTHROPOMETRY & HUMAN FACTOR ENGINEER (3 years position)
    >RESPONSIBILITIES: To seek for anthropometrical data from different countries
    >and to make it usefull for product engineers. To improve products size
    >scaling in order to satisfy the largest population with the less number of
    >sizes, in the field of clothing, shoes and gloves.
    >QUALIFICATION: PhD or Post Doc applicant, with a strong knowledge in
    >anthropometry, statistics, human factors. An experience of product
    >engineering will be considered.
    >Both positions need very high communication skills, complete autonomy of
    >working, strong creativity and a strong ability to perform in a changing
    >working environment. These jobs also require large interaction with
    >Marketing, Design and Developpment teams as well as Jurist and Financier.
    >Both positions are immediately open at Decathlon Head Office, in north of
    >France close to the city of Lille (200 km from Paris).
    >Please send, fax or mail your CV and salary requirements with cover letter
    > Philippe FREYCHAT
    > DT Recherche Avancee
    > 4, Boulevard de Mons
    > 59 665 VILLENEUVE D'ASCQ
    > FRANCE
    > fax: (33) 3 20 33 75 66
    > E-mail: