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3D optical detection of the spine

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  • 3D optical detection of the spine

    As a graduate student of the University K.U.Leuven (Belgium), I am
    working on a project to detect the human spine. The spine of a person
    lying on a bed on his side should be recorded in 3D (translation and
    torsion). The measurement should be performed in a non-invasive way and
    quickly. Radiography is excluded because of the damaging effect on
    human health and because it is slow.
    A visual technique which can determine the position of the spinous
    processes and part of the trunk could be a way to get this 3D image. If
    you think this problem can be solved by Moiré topography, laser,... , I
    would love to hear from you again.
    All other measurement techniques able to image the spine (for example :
    external fixation with goniometers) are also very welcome.
    Hoping you will respond soon,

    Marlies Reynders
    e-mail :
    tel : 0032 (0)16 32.70.96
    fax : 0032 (0)16 32.79.94

    P.S. : you may also respond in Dutch, French or German.