We are preparing a submittal to a US government agency in which we
propose to develop a method for tracking the location and orientation of
an individual with a GPS system combined with an accelerometer array
mounted to his waist. What we want to do is use information from the
accelerometer array to provide knowledge (during short periods when GPS
system is blacked out) of how far and in what direction the individual
walks. Our hypothesis is that there is sufficient information to model
the person's gait, and infer from acceleration measurements how far the
person moves with each step. (Like a pedometer).

We are looking for someone with experience in this field (gait analysis)
that would be able to work with us on this project, should it get funded.
If you have an interest, or know of someone who might be interested,
please let me know. I would like to include your name and credentials in
our proposal, if that is acceptable.

Thank you,
Joe Crites