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  • Neuromuscular Control

    6th of October, 1997

    session on NEUROMUSCULAR CONTROL, 24 March 1998
    organised by Johan L. van Leeuwen
    The Society for Experimental Biology
    Annual Meeting
    York, UK 23-27 March 1998

    Dear Colleague,

    I would like to draw your attention to the above session on NEUROMUSCULAR
    CONTROL (24 March 1998), which I am organising for the Annual Meeting of the
    Society for Experimental Biology. Below you will find a preliminary
    programme of invited speakers for the meeting.

    There is one day available for invited and contributed presentations. I
    envisage 20 minutes for contributed talks and 30 to 40 minutes for invited
    presentations. This includes 5 minutes for discussion. Both theoretical and
    experimental contributions can be offered.
    There is also the possibility to submit a poster. Poster size should be
    within dimensions of 1m high x 1m wide. They should be presented, wherever
    possible, in not more than two pieces and the SEB will supply velcro for up
    to two panels. Drawing pins must not be used as they damage the poster
    boards. Any drawing pins used will be removed by the organisers. All posters
    should be accompanied by a photograph of the presenting author.
    A special poster meeting is usually organised at Wednesday (from about 8 PM).

    Official closing date for submission of presentations is 17 October 1997. I
    will however consider all proposals received before 24 October 1997. Posters
    should also be submitted before this date. Late poster entries are usually
    possible, but guaranties can not be given.

    Titles may be submitted to me at the address given below. Please, state
    whether you wish to contribute a poster or a presentation, and provide your
    address and FAX number if available.

    Other sessions which may be of interest to you are:
    Biological Materials in their Mechanical Environment (23 March),
    General Biomechanics (25 March)
    General Neurobiology (25 March)
    Neurobiology of Feeding (26 and 27 March)
    Muscle Development (26 March)
    General Animal Respiration (25 March)

    Registration fees:
    SEB members: 60 pounds per week, 25 pounds per day, 15 pounds per week for
    Non-members: 120 pounds per week, 45 pounds per day, 30 pounds per week for

    More information about the meeting can be found on the following web-site:
    Contributions can conveniently be submitted via this web site.
    The SEB can also be reached via:telephone: +44-(0)171 439 8732
    fax: +44-(0)171 439 8732

    Please, bring the conference to the attention of any colleagues who might be

    Yours sincerely,

    Johan L. van Leeuwen
    Submit titles for presentations or posters for the Neuromuscular Control
    meeting to:

    Dr Johan L. van Leeuwen
    Department of Physiology
    University of Leiden
    Wassenaarseweg 62
    PO Box 9604
    NL-2300 RC Leiden
    The Netherlands

    tel. +31-(0)71-276766
    fax. +31-(0)71-276782

    Please provide the following:
    Title of your paper/poster (delete as appropriate) (maximum 30 words):

    Author's and co-authors initials, names and affiliation:

    Name and address of the person presenting the paper/poster. This person will
    receive all correspondence.
    Surname Initials Title
    Town Post Code Country
    Tel. number Fax Number
    E-mail address SEB member yes/no

    Provide also the above details for co-authors if they would like to attend
    the meeting and to receive booking forms.

    Preliminary programme:
    The list of confirmed invited speakers include (titles are preliminary):

    R.F. Full
    "Neuromuscular control of insect walking and running"

    E. Otten
    "Balancing during standing and walking on normal and slippery surfaces"

    R. Riener
    "Artificial control of sit-to-stand transfer in paraplegic patients"

    V. Papantoniou, P. Avlakiotis and R.McNeill Alexander
    "Control of a robot dinosaur"

    O. Ekeberg
    "Neuromuscular control of lamprey swimming"

    M.H. Dickinson
    "The neural and mechanical organization of flight control in flies"

    G.E. Goslow, Jr.
    "Neuromuscular organization for powered flight in birds"

    R A Suthers
    "Neuromuscular control of bird song"

    Johan L. van Leeuwen
    Department of Physiology &
    Institute for Evolutionary and Ecological Sciences
    Leiden University
    ************************************************** ***************
    Mail address:
    Johan L. van Leeuwen
    Department of Physiology,
    Leiden University
    Wassenaarseweg 62, PO Box 9604
    2300 RC Leiden, The Netherlands
    tel. +31-(0)71-5276766 (direct line) / +31-(0)71-5276765 (secr.)
    fax: +31-(0)71-5276782
    ************************************************** ****************