Hello BioNetters,
I am interested in networking with any of you who are using the
NeuroCom balance equipment as part of your research. I am set up here in
Austin, Texas at a rehabilitation center and would like to use the
equipment to collect force plate data. I am interfacing the system with
external computers and devices (EMG & video) and need to check the validity
of the system for tracking COP vs COM during quiet or perturbed stance.
If others are interested in also networking with those who respond I
will post a summary of the responses.
Thank-you in advance,


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Denise Gobert,M.Ed.,PT
Doctoral Student
University of Texas at Austin
Dept of Kinesiology -- /\ ____
& Health Edu. (Bel.222) / \/\ ____ __o
P.O.Box 150213 /\/ \ __ _\