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Post-doc - Neural Control of Manipulation

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  • Post-doc - Neural Control of Manipulation

    A postdoc position is available from January 15, 1998, for studies of
    sensorimotor mechanisms involved in control of the human hand in
    manipulative tasks. In the laboratory we apply analyses ranging from the
    study of peripheral sensor and effector properties, to analyses of
    sensorimotor control strategies and related cognitive functions. We
    characterize manipulative actions with multidimensional recording of
    fingertip forces, torques and movements, and we analyze muscular activation
    and efferent motoneuron signals with multichannel EMG-techniques. We use
    microneurographic techniques to learn how individual sensors in the hand
    and arm system encode various biomechanical events in the digit-object
    interfaces. To critically assess how these afferent signals are used in
    control terms we also study impairments after selective nerve conduction
    blocks. The use of visual cues and memory mechanisms in forward control of
    fingertip forces and torques are related areas of experimentation. Finally,
    to analyze CNS processes that supports manipulative actions we use EEG and
    transcranial magnetic brain stimulation, and in recently initiated
    collaborative projects we use PET and MEG techniques to analyze activity in
    distributed human neural networks. Prospective applicants may visit the ISI
    database to see what we have been doing.

    The candidate is expected to work independently on a focused research
    project of her/his choice for a one year (minimum) term. Apart from an
    appropriate understanding of biomechanics, applicants should have a
    background in neurophysiology and experience of experimental work with
    human subjects. It is an advantage to have a medical degree. Experience
    from modeling of either neural strategies used for learning and controlling
    movements or from soft tissue mechanics is likewise of advantage.

    Candidates should send a letter with her/his CV and names of two
    references. Queries should be sent to
    Material by regular mail to prof. Roland S Johansson, Department of
    Physiology, Umea University, S-90187 Umea, Sweden. (Telefax: +46-90-786 6683).

    Roland S Johansson, professor
    Department of Physiology
    Umea University
    S-90187 Umea, Sweden

    Telephone: +46-90-786 5490
    Telefax: +46-90-786 6683