I'm a technician here at Dalhousie University and new to this list. I'm
looking for equipment to do two things.
First I'm looking for a low cost system to capture and display EMG
signals and video on a computer screen. I have a computer with National
Instruments MIO card to capture the EMG signals but need a video capture
card, camera and software. We have Labview so applications based on that
would be desirable. If you are currently doing this sort of thing let me
know what you are using.
Second I need an instrumented exercise machine like a kin-com or cybex
again at a resonable cost. Any leads on good used equipment would be

Dave Grimshire
Technician Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B4E 2E8
(902) 494-2012
FAX (902) 494-5120