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  • image analysis

    Hello. We are trying to determine bone bending stiffness and the moment of
    inertia from CT image data using NIH image. Can Slice_CT (Corcoran et al.,
    1994) be used in this way? Others have performed the analysis from the
    data acquired from the CT scan, but not within a computer program such as
    NIH image. We think that NIH image can be used in this type of analysis,
    but we currently do not have the required macros to perform the functions.
    We were wondering whether or not anyone else has used NIH image or other
    imaging analysis programs such as Adobe, Osiris, Analyze, or even a
    modified version of Slice that can be performed on a Mac. Your assistance
    in this matter will be appreciated. I will be glad to post the results
    that are received.
    Thank you in advance.
    Brian Szmal
    Department of Bioengineering, Syracuse University