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E-modulus of skin

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  • E-modulus of skin

    Dear readers,
    I am developing a model for skin friction. In the model the modulus of
    elasticity (Young's modulus) of the skin is present. The value of the
    E-modulus of skin was earlier discussed on this list by means of a question
    of Lenny Tsap. I got from him a summary of the answers being:

    >In the book Handbook of Human Tolerance by McElhaney et al there is a page
    on the mechanical properties of skin. They present data by various age
    ranges. Note that the units are not correct engineering units, and should
    be multiplied by gravity.
    AGE Modulus of Elasticity (kg/mm^2)

    7 months - 3 years 2.9
    15 years - 30 years 6.7
    30 years - 50 years 8.1
    50 years - 80 years 11.0

    This data was taken from the following reference, which seems like it would
    be difficult to get.

    Rollhauser, H. Tensile strength human skin. Excerpts from Anatomical
    Institute, Marburg-Lahn, Germany, pp. 341-346, 1950.<

    I am looking for answers on the following questions:
    1. In which volume of Handbook of Human Tolerance by McElhaney is the
    above mentioned page and which number page is it?
    2. Has anybody ever seen that 6 pages of Rollhauser? If so, where? Or has
    anybody a photocopy of that pages?
    3. Is anything know about the way the modulus of elasticity of skin in vivo
    can be measured?
    4. Why is a gap present between 3 and 15 years in the values of the E-modulus?

    Kind regards, Vriendelijke groet, Grusze
    Wim Mossel

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    Address : Jaffalaan 9, 2628 BX Delft, The Netherlands