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    Thanks to all that responded to my question regarding child anthropometry.
    The response was great!!! Here is a copy of my request and a summary of
    the responses. I have included most of the responses, however, I have not
    included some of the redundant references.

    Thanks again,
    -Mark Redfern

    I have a student design team that is re-designing a school bus as part of
    their engineering design project. Does anyone know of a good database of
    children anthropometry for ages 5-12 yrs.? Specifics are obviously seating
    anthropometric parameters.


    "Anthropometry of Infants, Children, and Youths to Age 18 for Product
    Safety Design." R. G. Snyder, L. W. Schneider, C.L. Owings, H. M.
    Reynolds, D. H. Golomb, M. A. Schork. Final Report prepared for Consumer
    Product Safety Commission at The University of Michigan, Highway Safety
    Research Institute (Now, UMTRI). Contact CPSC for instructions on how to
    get a copy.

    Mac Reynolds, Ph.D.
    Professor and Director
    Ergonomics Research Laboratory
    Michigan State University
    Voice: 517-487-1702
    Fax: 517-4878-2023

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    They have access to some fine anthropometric data bases:

    William F. Moroney, PhD, CPE
    University of Dayton
    Dayton, OH 45469-1430

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    Take a look at

    Richard Bastien

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    British Standard 7231: Part 1: 1990 "Body measurements of boys and girls
    from birth up to 16.9 years. Part 1. Inforomation in the form of tables"
    can be obtained from
    BSI, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes MK14 6LE, UK
    Phone +44 1908 220022
    Telex 825777

    ChildData: The handbook of Child Measurements and Capabilites - Data for
    Design Safety (1995). ISBN 0-9522 571-1-4 is published by the Consumer
    Safety Unit of the Depatment of Trade and Industry in the UK.
    "Bodyspace: Anthropoemetry, Ergonomics and Design", 2nd Ed, 1996, by ST
    Pheasant is published by Taylor and Francis, London and Philadelphia.
    Ergonomics and Work Psychology
    Health and Safety Laboratory
    Broad Lane
    Sheffield, S3 7HQ

    Anthropometry of Infants, Children and Youths to Age 18 for Product
    Safety Design SP-450
    Richard Synder, L. Schneider, C.L. Owings, H.M. Reynolds, D.H. Golomb
    and M.A. Schork
    Final report 1977, published by :
    Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.
    400 Commonwealth Dr.
    Warrendale, PA
    (Probably an old address)

    About 500 pages of data and pictures

    Good Luck,

    John Kozey, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    School of Health and Human Performance
    Dalhousie University
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    One source for anthropometric data for children of a variety of ages is
    Stephen Pheasant's book, BodySpace, Published by Taylor & Francis.

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    Margarita Vergara Monedero Tfn. 34-64-345680 Ext. 4757
    Departamento de Tecnologia Fax 34-64-345646
    Universitat Jaume I e-mail:
    E-12071 Castellon

    Book: Try Bodyspace by Stephen Pheasant (Taylor & Francis, 196, 2nd edn.
    ISBN 0-7484-0326-4 paperback). US address is 1900 Frost Road, Suite 101,
    Bristol, PA 19007. PC: PeopleSize from Open Ergonomics, Unit 11,
    Loughborough Technology Centre, Epinal Way, Loughborough LE11 0QE, UK. Fax:
    +1 509 218 333. Cheers.

    Dr Kim Burton
    Editor, Clinical Biomechanics,
    30 Queen Street, Huddersfield HD1 2SP, UK
    Voice: +44 1484 535200

    The one source of anthropometric measurements that I am aware of is:
    Anthropometry of infants, children, and youths to age 18 for product safety
    Final Report May 31, 1977
    Snyder, R.G., Schneider, L.W., Owings, C.L., Reynolds, H.M., Golomb, D.H.,
    & Schork, M.A. prepared for: Consumer Product Safety Commission

    Doreen M. Espinoza
    Graduate Student
    Department of Physical Education & Exercise Science
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing, MI 48823

    Maybe the book of one of my colleagues is useful for you; the reference
    is: Steenbekkers,LPA, Child development, design implications and accident
    prevention. Delft University Press,1993. The faxnumber of the publisher
    is: +31-15-2781661. She describes the result of the measurements of the
    anthropometry of 2400 children from 0-13 years of age.
    Two others book were published in 1975 and 1977 by The Society of
    Automotive Engineering,Detroit,Michigan,USA and written by RG Snyder et al.
    The title of the first book is : Anthropometry of US infants and
    The title of the first book is: Anthropometry of infants and youth to age
    18 for product design. SP450.
    These data are also free accessible on the URL of the US Consumer Product
    Safety Commission:
    You can also use the book of the late Stephen Pheasant "Body Space",
    First(1986) or Second Edition, Taylor and Francis 1996;
    The book Childata, Handbook of Child Measurement and Capabilities from the
    Consumer Safety Unit from the Department of Trade and industry London phone
    +44-(0)171 215 3474. Authors Beverley Norris and John Wilson fromm the
    University of Nottingham, contents data of (among others) Snyder and
    Steenbekkers and is I think also freely distributed because it is supported
    by the EC.
    You could also use the software People Size from Friendly Systems
    Loughborough UK tel/fax +44-509-218 333 (Jane Robertson)
    with kind regards
    Johan Molenbroek
    Johan Molenbroek, PhD
    Associate Professor Engineering Anthropometry
    Acting Chair Subdepartment Physical Ergonomics
    Faculty Design Engineering and Production
    Delft University of Technology
    Jaffalaan 9 2628 BX Delft The Netherlands
    tel +31 15 278 3086 fax +31 15 278 7179/7316

    Sandy Ressler at NIST has a comprehensive database. Try him at
    Also, the Henry Dreyfus Associates "Measure of Man" book has some good
    summary statistics, including seated posture measurements.
    Hope this helps -
    * Mike Young

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    Michael Young
    Transom Technologies, Inc.
    201 S. Main St, Ste. 1000 Phone: 313.761.6001
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA Fax: 313.761.7003
    T R A N S O M ... Populating the Digital World

    I have collated anthropometric and strength data on children, around 180
    dimensions, mainly from US , UK and Netherlands. (One of the main sources
    we used was Snyder's 1977 data, published by Univ of Michigan/CPSC, with
    which you may be familiar). Our publication is called 'Childata', and is
    very kindly supplied free of charge by the UK government (Department of
    Trade and Industry) who published it to provide UK industry with the data.
    If you would like a copy I can mail you one, no cost, if you send me your
    postal address.
    Best wishes,

    Beverley Norris