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Target Article in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics

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  • Target Article in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics

    It is a pleasure to announce that a special issue of the Journal of Applied Biomechanics has just recently been published (Volume 13:4). This special issue marks the first time that the journal is publishing a target article. The format of a target article includes the presentation by an experienced scientist, or group of scientists, of a summary of current views and their particular point of view relative to a matter of substantial impact in the area of applied biomechanics. Responses to this opinion are then invited and to which the original authors offer a response.

    In this, the first of our target articles, Gerrit Jan van Ingen Schenau, Maarten F. Bobbert and Arnold de Haan have addressed the role of astorage and reutilization of elastic energy in stretch-shortening cycles. These respected sceintists submit the contention that for discrete movements such as the vertical jump , elastic energy does not explain the work enhancement due to the prestretch. Responders to this article include:
    R. mcNeil Alexander
    C.J. Barclay
    A.A. Biewener
    C. Bosco
    N.A. Curtin
    K.A.P. Edman
    C.T. Farley
    F. Goubel
    W. Herzog
    A.L. Hof
    P.V. Komi and A. Gollhofer
    R. Kram
    A. Minetti, M. Narici, P. Cerretelli
    D.L. Morgan and U. Proske
    B.I. Prilutsky
    G.J.M. Steinen
    D.A. Winter
    R.C. Woledge
    V.M. Zatsiorsky

    A foreward to the special issue was written by R.J. Gregor, past Editor of the Journal of Applied Biomechanics and whose efforts through the years has brought this exciting project to the scientific community. Dr. Gregor and the entire Editorial Board of the journal hope that this issue is but the beginning of invigorating discussion on this issue and others that will appear as target articles in the future.


    M.D. Grabiner
    Editor, Journal of Applied Biomechanics