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JOB-OFFERED: Developing Interaction Techniques for VR

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  • JOB-OFFERED: Developing Interaction Techniques for VR

    | Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory |
    | of the |
    | Naval Research Laboratory |
    | |
    | Position Available |

    Participate in developing the next generation of VE interface tools.

    Research group specializing in advanced interaction techniques and
    input devices, seeks computer graphics developer to help construct
    Virtual Environments and devise new ways of interacting with them.

    Our Research: Controls for Virtual Environments
    Our group investigates, creates, and evaluates new controls that allow
    people to apply multiple sensory-motor channels in concert to perform
    maneuvering and manipulation tasks in Virtual Environments. We apply
    knowledge from the fields of computer graphics, software engineering,
    user interface design, pattern recognition, and input device construc-
    tion to develop new interface technology. We are currently building
    new hand and foot controls to explore different means of maneuvering
    through VEs.

    We develop on a range of SGI computers using Performer and work with a
    variety of display systems (eg HMDs & large screen projection systems),
    3D trackers, sensors, and audio systems.

    Current focus on Virtual Locomotion
    We are developing a real-time walking simulator, based on having a person
    step in place to move through VE. This approach allows people to mix
    virtual walking with a wide range of body movements including taking
    real steps, stepping to turn, one and two footed pivots, and advancing in
    a crouched position. The current version of the system moves the user's
    viewpoint through VE. The next 'step' is to develop an articulated figure
    driven by this mechanism. The gestural motions of walking and running
    in place will be remapped into simulated locomotion.

    Experience with the computer animation of realistic human motion, and an
    appreciation of the biomechanics of motion would be of particular interest
    to us.

    We are looking for someone to
    - develop existing VE testbeds used to study interaction techniques
    - help design and implement new techniques & software architectures

    The successful candidate will have a background in 3D computer graphics,
    a BS or MS in computer science, engineering or equivalent, and strong
    Unix and C++ programming skills.

    The Setting
    The Naval Research Laboratory is located in Washington, DC. The HCI
    Laboratory is part of the Navy Center for Applied Research in
    Artificial Intelligence.

    U.S. Citizenship is required. NRL is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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