Hello All:

I currently use the GCV routine of the late Dr. Woltring to analyze data
with unevenly spaced delta time. The version I used was compiled by Dr.
Dimitri Kalakanis and uses the front end of Dr. van den Bogert. It is
available at the biomech-l web site. This routine has performed flawlesly
for me for several thousand data sets so far.

Because it is a stand-alone fortran application, I must do part of my work
in Excel, then perform the filtering with the GCV routine then paste the
results of that routine into another spreadsheet. This is a simple enough
procedure, and I have written large macros that do most of the work. Even
so, I would like to be able to perform the GCV filtering in Excel.

Accordingly, I have inquired about having someone build an add-in for
microsoft excel. I have been told that I must have the program in c
language in order to build an add-in. The biomech-l web page appears to
have every thing I need, but the c version of the front end by Dr. van den
Bogert, which is supposed to be in: 'ANZ - A public domain gait analysis
package by Dwight Meglan' is not accesible.

Therefore, I have two questions:

1. Does anyone out there have the c code for Dr. van den Bogert's front
end, and for the GCV that will run with it?

2. Are there any other Excel users who would like to help me defray the
cost of having someone build this add-in (i.e. anyone want to chip in on
this?) ?

Thanks for reading this far!


Jim Martin

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