Dear Colleagues,

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers
NACOB98 - University of Waterloo

The North American Congress on Biomechanics (NACOB) is a combined meeting
of the ASB and CSB that occurs approximately every 6 years. It will be
held at the University of Waterloo, August 14-18, 1998. The organizing
committee has made efforts to host a first-rate meeting with minimum
costs for delegates. The Call for Papers and abstract submission
information can be obtained from the conference website:

abstacts are due March 15, 1998

Please send an e-mail message to indicate your intent to submit an
abstact, and to assist us in generating an e-mail list to:


Stuart M. McGill email:
Professor of Spine Biomechanics phone: (519) 885-1211 ext 6761
Department of Kinesiology fax: (519) 746-6776
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
University of Waterloo,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3G1

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