Postdoctoral Position in Perception and Action
at University of Virginia
Preceptor: Claes von Hofsten

We are looking for someone who is interested in investigating the
development of perception and action in the human child. From the very
beginning perception and action form functional adaptive systems. We study
the development of such systems, how mobility and perception coevolve, and
how coordination is achieved and refined. We are presently studying the
development of eye-head coordination and the development of reaching,
grasping and fine manipulation. Applicants could come from a number of
different areas including Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neurobiology, and
Persons interested in applying are urged to contact Claes von Hofsten by
telephone (804-924-0688) or by email ( before applying.

A completed application will include:
2. A brief statement of career goals, following the guidelines of an
individual NRSA application.
3. Two letters of recommendation that evaluate significant stages
of previous training.
4. Curriculum vitae

__________________________________________________ _____________
Professor Claes von Hofsten (804) 924 0688 (work)
Department of Psychology (804) 293 4303 (home)
University of Virginia (804) 982 4766 (fax)
102 Gilmer Hall email:
Charlottesville, VA22903

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