Dear Colleague,

I am pleased to inform you that an International Symposium on "BIOCOMPOSITES: PERFORMANCE & DESIGN" is being organised in conjunction with ICES '98 (International Conference on Computational Engineering Science). The symposium will be held at Atlanta, Georgia, USA as a part of the ICES '98 conference during October 6th - 9th 1998.

The aim of the above symposium is to provide researchers from academic, industrial and governmental research laboratories with a forum at which they can present their research results and discuss innovative ideas and technological advances in the design and ultimate performance of composite material systems (to be interpreted in the most broad sense, including, for example, bone, tissue, skull, brain, as well as conventional engineering materials).

It is my pleasure to invite you (and your colleagues) to present research papers on theoretical/experimental/computational aspects of either the engineering design or the mechanical response of composite material systems.

A ONE PAGE ABSTRACT is due by January 1st, 1998. The abstract may be mailed, E-Mailed or faxed to me at the address given below. It is planned to publish accepted papers in the Conference Proceedings. The deadline for six-page camera-ready papers is April 1st, 1998. Other important information about this symposium is given below and can also be obtained from the ICES '98 web page .

LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
DATES: October 6-9, 1998 (jointly with ICES '98)
ABSTRACT: one page (due by 1st January 1998)
FULL PAPER: six pages (due by 1st April 1998)
FEES: US $500 (due by 1st August 1998)
This includes a copy of the proceedings +
the cost of all social events +
one year subscription to the journal:
"Computer Modelling & Simulation in Engineering"
Mechanical Engineering Department
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, IRELAND
PHONE: +353 - 1 - 7061890
FAX: +353 - 1 - 2830534

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Dr Michael D. Gilchrist
College Lecturer
Mechanical Engineering Department
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4

Direct Phone: +353 - 1 - 706 1890
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