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Forces in Harrington Rod

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  • Forces in Harrington Rod

    As I am posting this message for a colleague, please direct responses to the
    address listed below. Thank-you.

    SUBJECT HEADING: Forces in Harrington Rod

    Hello, My name is Brent Lievers and I'm currently a fourth year
    engineering student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. My fourth
    year research project involves the continuation of a project begun last
    year to design a miniaturized version of the Harrington distraction rod
    suitable for use in a two year old child.

    In order to do this effectively, we need to understand the in-service
    conditions of the adult version. Specifically, I am looking for the axial
    loads to which a Harrington rod is normally subjected.

    I have been able to find a few references that would place the value in
    the 250-400 N range. These values are just stated, however, and make no
    mention of how they were obtained (in vivo, cadavers, calculations/modeling).

    Does anyone:
    1) have another reference that can confirm these values?
    2) know how these values were obtained?

    Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to the
    address below. Thank you.

    Brent Lievers

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