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  • Re: Saving Image Data

    Sorry to chew up the bandwidth, but I realized I never made a request in
    my post.

    Can someone send me the VB code to save data from RAM to disk using Visual
    Basic or talk (type) me through the necessary steps?

    On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Hans Hoffman wrote:

    > Does anyone out there have experience working with Data Translations frame
    > grabbers (specifically the DT3155) and Visual Basic. I have their Frame
    > Grabber SDK software, but I am not a Software Developer by trade and need
    > a little help.
    > I am writing an application in VB 4.0 to capture multiple frames to memory
    > and scroll them to disk. I hope to be able to capture an indefinite
    > number of frames to disk at about 5 fps. So far I have been able to
    > acquire frames and display them; and I can retrieve their virtual base
    > address, size, etc, but I don't know how to write them to a file. Or even
    > how to refer to them in memory.
    > Thanks,
    > Hans
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