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  • MEDICON'98 - Conference Announcement



    June 14-17, 1998, Lemesos, Cyprus

    Organized and Sponsored by:
    Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus
    The Cyprus Association of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

    Co-Sponsored by:
    IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
    European Society for Engineering and Medicine

    In cooperation with:
    International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE)
    Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Medica e Biologica
    Croatian Medical & Biological Engineering Society
    Greek Society for Biomedical Engineering
    Israel Society for Medical & Biological Engineering
    Slovene Society for Medical & Biological Engineering
    Societe des Electriciens et des Electroniciens (Club Francais des
    Technologies Biomedicales)
    Spanish Society of Biomedical Engineering
    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE Cyprus Section)
    Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE Cyprus Centre)

    In association with:
    Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics
    Higher Technical Institute
    United Kingdom Liaison Committee for Sciences Allied to Medicine &
    Biology (S.A.M.B.)

    D Adam (Israel) J P Morucci (France)
    K Athanasiou (USA) A Nicolaides (UK)
    T Bajd (Slovenia) M Nyssen (Belgium)
    M Bracale (Italy) N Ouzounoglou (Greece)
    J E W Beneken (Netherlands) N Pallikarakis (Greece)
    S Cerutti (Italy) P Rabichong (France)
    A G Constantinides (UK) L M Roa (Spain)
    K Copeland (UK) V C Roberts (UK)
    G Dimitrov (Bulgaria) M Sawan (Canada)
    N Dimitrova (Bulgaria) S Sideman (Israel)
    U. Faust (Germany) J A E Spaan (The Netherlands)
    H Hutten (Austria) V A Spasic (Yugoslavia)
    G Inbar (Israel) N Sphiris (Greece)
    F Kajiya (Japan) U Stanic (Slovenia)
    Z Kollitsi (Greece) Y Istefanopoulos (Turkey)
    K Kouris (Cyprus) D Tsaptsinos (UK)
    D Koutsouris (Greece) K Turker (Australia)
    I Krekule (Czech Republic) E M Tzanakou (USA)
    S Laxminarayan (USA) N Zamboglou (Germany)
    R Magjarevic (Croatia)

    Conference Co-Chairs: Stelios Christofides (CAMPBE, Cyprus),
    : Constantinos S Pattichis (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)
    Program Chair : Christos N Schizas (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)
    International Chair : Elpida Keravnou-Papailiou (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)
    Exhibits Chair : Yiannis Theodoulou (CAMPBE, Cyprus)
    Treasurer : Prodromos Kaplanis (CAMPBE, Cyprus)
    Publications : Spyros Spyrou (Higher Technical Institute, Cyprus)
    Social Program : George Christodoulides (CAMPBE, Cyprus)

    Medicon'98 is the 8th in the series of regional meetings in the Mediterranean
    of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering
    (IFMBE). The goal of Medicon'98 is to provide updated information on the
    state of the art on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing. The
    program will consist of both invited and submitted papers on new developments
    in these fields. Medicon'98 will focus primarily on the following topics:

    * Biomechanics/Implants
    * Biosignal Processing and Analysis
    * Cardiovascular Systems
    * Cellular Engineering
    * Clinical Engineering
    * Health Care Technology Assessment
    * High Performance Computing in Medicine
    * Instrumentation
    * Intelligent Systems in Medicine
    * Medical Imaging
    * Medical Multimedia Workstations and Databases
    * Models of Physiological Systems
    * Neuromuscular Systems
    * Patient Monitoring
    * Radiation Protection
    * Radiotherapy
    * Rehabilitation Engineering
    * Telemedicine
    * Virtual Reality in Medicine

    Proposals for plenary and special sessions are invited. For further details
    please contact Constantinos Pattichis, by January 30, 1998.

    * Information Technology in Biomedicine Leaping into 2000, Swamy
    Laxminarayan (USA)
    * Integrated Telemedicine Networks and Added Value Services, Stelios
    Orphanoudakis (Greece)
    * Computational Intelligence: Status and Trends in Medical Diagnostic
    Systems, Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou (USA)

    In memory of Dick Poortvliet, dinstinguished biomedical engineer and active
    member of IEEE Region 8, the IEEE Cyprus Section will organize during
    Medicon'98 a student paper contest. To qualify, a student or group of
    students must contribute a significant part of the paper and be the primary
    author(s). The submission should clearly indicate that the paper is to be
    considered for the best student paper award, the amount of contribution made
    by the student, the current level of study, and the address including fax or

    The conference will provide the attendees with the opportunity of examining
    state-of-the-art technology (in biomedical and medical physics
    instrumentation, computer hardware and software) and establishing useful
    interactions with representatives of manufacturers, vendors, and publishers.

    Papers are invited, but not limited, to theabove topics of interest.

    Authors are stongly encouraged to submit a PostScript version of their full
    paper by anonymous ftp to, and put the paper in the
    directory /incoming/medicon98. Files should be uniquely named:
    .ps. In addition, authors should notify by e-mail
    to the title of the paper, the corresponding author
    and address, and the first two choices for the topics of interest as given
    above, under which the paper can be classified.

    Alternatively, papers can be submitted in paper format (one original and two
    copies). These submissions should be accompanied with a diskette with the
    paper in MS Word format, or TEX on IBM PC or MAC, including all figures. In
    an accompanying letter, authors should specify the title of the paper, the
    corresponding author and address, and the first two choices from the topics
    of interest as given above, under which the paper can be classified.

    The papers must be completed within 6 pages, including figures, tables and
    references, and should be written in English. An A4 size format with 2,5 cm
    margin on all four sides should be used. They should be prepared in
    one-column format, single spaced, in Arial or similar type style of 10
    points. Centered at the top of the first page should be the complete title,
    author name(s), affiliation(s) and mailing address(es), including electronic
    mailing(s) address(es). This is followed by a blank space and then the
    abstract, up to 15 lines, followed by the main text.

    Submission of a proposed paper implies a commitment from one of the authors
    to present the paper if accepted.

    Medicon'98, Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus, 75
    Kallipoleos Str, P.O. Box 537, CY-1678 Nicosia, CYPRUS.

    Submitted papers will be reviewed by at least two referees and all accepted
    papers will be published on CD-ROM. A copy of the proceedings will be given
    to each participant at the conference. After the conference, the proceedings
    will be available from the publisher.

    A few selected authors will be invited to publish extended versions of their
    papers in a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Information Technology
    in Biomedicine (T-ITB). All papers submitted for publication in the
    Transactions will be subject to a further peer-review process prior to
    publication in the T-ITB.

    * Paper submission January 30, 1998
    (Receival acknowledgment will follow)

    * Notification of acceptance March 30, 1998
    (List of all accepted papers will be posted at
    the WWW page of the conference)

    Full conference registration fee includes admission to all sessions, welcome
    reception, and a copy of the proceedings. Early registration is highly
    recommended in order to save both time and money.

    Early registration (before April 30, 1998) Cyp.Pounds 140
    Late registration (after April 30, 1998) Cyp.Pounds 160
    Students Cyp.Pounds 70

    Note: Cyp.Pound 1 ~= US$2

    Make all cheques payable to CYDEM TOURS Ltd or charge your Credit card. Mail
    or fax your payment to the address of the official travel agent.

    Aristos C Demetriou, CYDEM TOURS Ltd, P.O. Box 4134, Nicosia, CYPRUS.
    Tel: +357-2-773865/451300, Fax: +357-2-457297, Email:

    Cyprus is an island situated at the north-east corner of the Mediterranean
    Sea at the cross-roads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. Its
    geographically significant position both for trade and military purposes has
    been one of the main reasons for Cyprus' turbulent history. The passing from
    the island of different conquerors has helped to blend the character of the
    Cypriots. Here the visitor may enjoy magnificent pottery and sculpture,
    ancient ruins all over the island, Byzantine monasteries, churches and
    medieval monuments of great architectural value. The people of Cyprus are
    traditionally warm and welcoming. Their language is Greek but English is
    spoken in all shops, restaurants, hotels, banks and government offices. Life
    on the island is leisurely and safe. Greek food should be tried. Greek Meze,
    consisting of as many as thirty dishes, starting with salads, dips, tasty
    local dishes and kebabs is something the visitor should not miss.

    Cyprus has what is called a Mediterranean climate, that is hot summers but
    moderate winters. July and August are the hottest months. Temperatures during
    the day vary from 32 - 38 deg. C, so bring light clothes, sandals and
    sunglasses. Temperature falls during the evening but remains warm. Sea water
    is warm and inviting so don't forget your swimsuits.

    Cyprus is easily accessible by air. Larnaca airport is forty-five minutes
    drive from the Hawaii Beach Hotel at Lemesos. A taxi ride from the airport
    costs around Cyp.Pounds 20. Pafos airport on the other hand is one hour and
    twenty minutes drive from the Hotel at Lemesos and costs around Cyp.Pounds 30
    by taxi.

    Constantinos S Pattichis
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Cyprus
    75 Kallipoleos Street,
    CY-1678 Nicosia

    Tel no : +357-2-338705/06
    Fax no : +357-2-339062
    Email :

    Stelios Christofides
    Medical Physics Department
    Nicosia General Hospital
    P.O. Box 4039
    CY-1450 Nicosia

    Tel no : +357-2-301306
    Fax no : +357-2-369170
    Email :

    Please refer to this WWW page. It contains the latest information for

    URL :