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    Thanks for your efforts in placing all these materials on th eweb.
    Now, as an emeritus professor, let me tell you that your enaging in
    academic acitivities during a holiday is but a symptom of a very common
    malady: deep enagement in the academic life. The intellectual life, in
    gneral, the academioc life in particular, and science ( with a capital S)
    in specific detail, is NOT a JOB, it is a VOCATION, in precisely the way
    the Catholic church defines thos who seek a "regious" life.
    In some very deep sense, "a normal life", and all that entails, rally
    does not occur for those who have this vocation...and a similar problem
    face s the true artist, and anyone who finds themselves totally dedicated
    to their way of life. Rejoice in it, and don't ttry to make some oneelse
    eventually very unhappy. M.L.Moss ( Columbia University, New York).