Dear all:

Thanks for those responses to my question posted two weeks ago. My
questions and the responses are the following.

Dear all

I am looking for some softwares for doing 2-D inverse dynamics and
mechanic power analysis. I am aware of two softwares available in the: . But besides this, are there
any other softwares available too?

I would post a summary of responses

thanks in advance.

The responses:

Yes, you can find detail at:
and specifically at:
Good luck
Gideon Ariel, Ph.D.


If you are familar with Matlab you can download a robotics toolbox from
their site which as functions for performing rigid body dynamics/inverse

dynamics calculations. These functions are useful for robotic link
calculations and simulations. If you are interseted more in
simulations, Working Model and Working Model 3D offer a powerful
simulation platform.

Rod Hale
Research Engineer
Memorial University of Newfoundland

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I have some 2D kinematic & kinetic software for gait. It was written
originally for use on a Motion Analysis system in fortran, then later
for use on a Peak, then Ariel system in Quick Basic. It needs the 2D
or 3D
coordinate data & forceplate data and out puts the saggital plane 2D
moments & powers at the ankle, hip & knee. I validated it using the
data in
David Winter's book & used it in my lab for several years until I
obtained a
new system in 1994. Let me know if you don't get any other offers and
send you the source code.
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There is a software company called Peak Performance Technologies Inc.
They have a web site address:
This company makes 2D and 3D analysis systems.

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BIOMAP was a package that I developed while I was at the University of
Western Australia. I've now retired from academia, but the package lives

The kinetic output lists the intersegmental ("joint" ) reaction forces,
the resultant muscle moment of force. The gravitational and
torque components are not listed separately.

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