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    Biomch-L subscribers,

    1. I would like to remind you that Biomch-L should not be used
    for commercial advertising. Of course, individuals with
    commercial affiliation are still encouraged to participate
    in the forum. But absolutely no unsolicited advertising.
    Advertising is easily recognized by its style, we recently saw
    some postings with many *'s and !'s. To make yourself known
    to the world, use the Biomechanics Yellow Pages:

    2. Do not attach binary files to postings. First, this an
    inefficient use of disk space on LISTSERV and subscribers'
    mail servers. Second, Microsoft Word is *not* a standard
    for exchange of information on the Internet. Many of us
    use other software for document preparation and viewing.
    All attachments to Biomch-L postings should be 'text-only'.
    If you wish to distribute large files, I can provide space
    on the ISB/Biomch-L web server.

    3. Do not use Biomch-L as a substitute for literature
    research. It is not a good use of our subscribers' time
    and results are usually disappointing. Respondents will
    be *much* more motivated if you do some homework first.

    These guidelines have been added to the Biomch-L mini-faq.

    -- Ton van den Bogert