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    For Immediate Release Contact: Joseph Meshi
    19 February 1998 Executive Vice President

    Genovation Announces Electronic Foot Sizer

    Irvine, CA – Genovation Incorporated today announced the introduction of
    the Foot-Fitterä, the first commercial, popularly priced electronic foot
    sizer. The Foot-Fitter is designed for use primarily in shoe stores, and
    aims to improve customer satisfaction by providing a superior fit between
    consumers' feet and their shoes.

    Foot and foot-related problems affect over 75% of the population. One in
    six people have moderate-to-severe foot problems, many of which were caused
    by improperly fitting shoes. Numerous studies have shown that for a number
    of reasons, about 70% of women underestimate their shoe size. In addition,
    the foot continues to change its size and shape throughout a person's
    lifetime. With aging, the width and length of the foot often grow by one or
    more sizes. Moreover, tests with unskilled shoe sales people have shown a
    measurement error rate of 80%, resulting in wrong conclusions relative to
    the shoe size. Consequently, the majority of people are wearing ill-fitting
    and probably uncomfortable shoes.

    Throughout the industrial world, the apparatus most often used to measure
    feet is the Brannock Deviceâ, which was patented in 1926. This device has
    changed little in the past 72 years, a testimony to its functional design
    and applicability to purpose. However, the era of electronics has finally
    caught up with this aging mechanical device.

    The Foot-Fitter is an evolutionary extension of the Brannock concepts that
    are so familiar to most shoe salespeople. It allows for an accurate two-way
    (heel-to-toe and heel-to-ball) measurement of the length of the foot, and a
    determination of its width. The gender-independent unit permits the
    measurement of virtually any foot size, from infants to women or
    large-footed men, in seconds. The results may be selectively depicted in
    any of the world's popular conventions for shoe sizes; for example the
    U.S., U.K., or European systems.

    Genovation's Foot-Fitter combines digital processing and displays to
    dramatically improve the measurement accuracy and interpretation of the
    results by both the salesperson and the customer. The rugged unit is
    battery operated, fully portable, and weighs under 5 Lbs. (about 2Kg.).
    Single unit price is $250.

    World unveiling of the Foot-Fitter will take place at the GDS International
    Shoe Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, on 19 March 1998 (Hall 6, Stand 6A07).
    Volume shipments will commence in May 1998.

    Genovation's "Electronics for the Feetä" division specializes in providing
    high-technology solutions to footwear industry's mass-customization issues.


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