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Summary of fine wire EMG and Noraxon

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  • Summary of fine wire EMG and Noraxon


    Thanks for your kind and rapid reactions to my request. Below is a
    summary of all the replies I received. I must mention Gene Jamison
    (spl.) from the Sports Med Inst in Birmingham, AL, who took the time
    and called me on the phone (due to email difficulties). Regards, Tibor.


    We were using them about 2 years ago (not much since then). As I
    recall, we got the elctrodes from Nicolet. According to the box they
    came in:

    44 gauge, 100 mm paired hook wires
    27 gauge, 30 mm cannula

    They were also available unpaired as I recall, but most subjects were
    not particularly thrilled by the prospect of being stuck twice for
    each muscle.

    Hope this helps.

    Ian Kremenic, M.Eng.
    Research Assistant/Network Admin.
    Nicholas Institute for Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma

    Once you've had it extra crispy, you'll never go back.
    -Mono Puff

    I have lots of fine-wire experience, but not coupled with Noraxon. I
    used the Motion MA 100's. It can be a very tedious set-up. I do have
    some configuration suggrestions if you are interested.

    Take Care,

    David Gabriel

    We use Stablohn 800-B with H-Poly nylon green insulation, size 0.002,
    our Noraxon system. The approximate cost is $135.00 for a roll of 1000
    The wire can be purchased from the California Fine Wire company, address
    below. We then purchase 27 Gauge 1 1/2 inch hypodermic needles from our
    health center.
    Say Hi to Paul. I used to work in Illinois with him.

    Mark Ricard
    P.O. Box 22116
    Physical Education Department, 221 RB
    Brigham Young University
    Provo, UT 84602
    (801) 378-8958


    California Fine Wire
    338 South 4 TH Street
    Grover City, CA 93433

    (805) 489-5144

    > We are using wire electrodes in combination with the Noraxon
    telemetric emg system.
    please feel free to ask some questions.

    Christophe Maes

    Dept. of Sportmedicine
    University hospital Ghent Belgium


    Manufacturer: California Fine Wire
    Stablohm (stainless steel) 50 micron (.001") diameter with teflon
    insulation (ref Basmajian '85)
    This is better than the platinum/iridium (?) which is softer, more
    expensive and breaks too easily.
    Are you sure you want to get into this? Talk to me!

    Torry might even be able to send you a sample if it doesn't take him a
    month to find it!

    Bob Hintermesiter

    Tibor Hortobágyi, Ph.D.

    East Carolina University
    251 Sports Medicine Building
    Biomechanics Laboratory
    Greenville, NC 27858

    Phone: (919) 328 - 4564
    Fax: (919) 328 - 4689