The tentative schedule for the 1998 Annual Meeting of the American College
of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has been released. Sessions of principal
interest to the readers of this list are indicated at the conclusion of
this message.

I would like to highlight the Biomechanics Interest Group Meeting on
Thursday, June 4, 1998 to individuals planning on attending the
conference. At this meeting, we will be planning the biomechanics content
for the 1999 ACSM Meeting (Seattle, WA June 2-5, 1999). If you have ideas
regarding symposia, colloquia, clinical lectures, thematic posters or
other types of sessions of interest to biomechanists and the ACSM
membership, please don't be shy! Put your ideas into action and help us
plan the content for the 1999 meeting. If there is a session you would
like to create or see developed, bring your ideas (including topics and
potential speakers) to the Interest Group Meeting. If you have questions
or would like to discuss your ideas in advance, feel free to contact
either Jesus Dapena ( or myself

The 1998 ACSM conference will be held June 3-6, 1998 in Orlando, Florida.

The deadline for preregistration is 3/15/98.

Further information regarding the conference and registration can be
obtained from the ACSM website:


Wednesday June 3

8:00: Presidential Lecture: Can Sir Isaac Newton Help Captain Kirk?
Biomechanical Aspect of Living in Hypogravity.

Peter Cavanagh

9:00: Clinical Colloquium: Scientific Basis of Muscle Rehabilitation.

Bill Garrett, Don Kirkendall, Kevin Speer

9:00: Poster Session: Biomechanics

2:00: Symposium: Aging, Exercise, and Predisposition to Falling.

Mark Grabiner-Chair. Robert Gregor, Toby Hayes, Fay Horak,
& Christine Snow.

2:30: Slide Session: Knee Biomechanics.

4:15: Slide Session: Cycling Biomechanics

Thursday June 4

9:00: Symposium: Interlimb Interaction and the Expression of Voluntary
Muscular Force: Exploring the Cross-Education and Bilateral Deficit

Peter Vint, Chair. Enzo Cafarelli, Mark Grabiner, Tibor Hortobagyi,
Toshio Moritan.

9:00: Clinical Lecture: Baseball Pitching Injuries: Biomechanics and

Glenn Fleisig, Ben Kibler.

10:45: Slide Session: Biomechanics of Sport.

1:15: Clinical Lecture: Overload Injuries of the Foot and Ankle.

Mary Lloyd Ireland, Steve Messier.

3:00: Poster Session: Biomechanics

5:45: Biomechanics Interest Group Meeting

Sponsored by the Motion Analysis Corporation

Friday June 5

9:00: Slide Session: Biomechanics of Sport.

9:00: Symposium: Low Back Pain.

Malcolm Pope et al. (this session is sponsored jointly by ACSM
and the American Physical Therapy Association).

10:45: Clinical Colloquium: Where Do We Stand With ACL Injuries.

Paul DeVita, David Richards, Mary Lloyd Ireland.

2:30: Mini Symposium: Winter Sports Science.

Gerald Smith et al.

2:30: Clinical Lecture: Biomechanics of Patellofemoral Pain in Cyclists.

Mark Schwellnus.

2:30: Poster Session: Gait, Muscle Mechanics, Motor Control.

Saturday June 6

9:00: Thematic Poster: Foot and Ankle Orthotics- Effects on Mechanics of the
Lower Extremity.

9:00: Poster Session: Gait Analysis.

1:30: Thematic Poster: Winter Sports Science

3:15: Slide Session: Gait Biomechanics.

3:15: Slide Session: Motor Control.

3:15: Clinical Lecture: The Science of Sprint Injuries.

Ralph Mann, C.Harmon Brown, Lewis Maharam.

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