I asked for opinions and thoughts about the APAS and Peak systems a
couple of weeks ago. Here's the replies. Thanks for the responses.
They were very helpful in making an equipment decision.


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Charles Hubbeling
Mechanical Engineering Department
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO, USA
970-491-3573 (Office)
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I'm a graduate student at the University of Ottawa. We have two APAS
systems. My collegues and myself have been unable to receive ANY support

from Ariel. We have received one reply to almost a dozen request in the
past 2 years. The reply I did received indicated that they were very
filling sales orders and he would try to look at my request the
following day. It has been over two weeks since I received that e-mail
still no word. I guess you can tell that I'm not happy with the APAS
support. I would how ever be very interested in hearing how other
of Biomech have been treated by Ariel and Peak. Please post a detailed
summary. Wish you the best of luck.

Jennifer McGregor
Graduate Student
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario

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I am a physiatrist in South Korea.
I have used APAS since 1994 for gait analysis and sports analysis.
The digitization module has been worked quite well.
Only once had I a problem but it was caused by my misuse.
They corrected it by shipping my computer(which included APAS software).

And there are many software upgrade from dos to win95 and new modules
They upgraded almost all DOS software to win 95 including digitization
module, so you can digitize four Avi files simultaneously, it affords
efficient processing job.

You can enjoy the power of win95 and new modules(APAS view and 3Dkin).

The APAS view is exactly object-oriented modules which can display all
of graph, stick figure, EMG, forceplate data etc... with
on a cursor.
The 3D kin is for gait analysis with kinematic and kinetic power.
For kinematic, it uses modified Kit Vaugan's calculation method and for
kinetics it uses inverse dynamic calculation which includes force plate


from Sun

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Sun G. Chung M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Seoul National University, College of Medicine
YeonGeon Dong 28, ChongRo Ku, Seoul, Korea
Fax: +82 2 743 7473
Phone: +82 2 760 2619(Office)
E-mail: suncg@medicine.snu.ac.kr
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I am a user of the Peak Motus system and was a user of the Peak 5
As we have what Peak calls the real time system digitizing has been kept
a minimum. I have had to reidentify markers ever so often but this has
been a major task.

As for support, in the beginning when we first purchased the system we
not have much difficulty obtaining support. Unfortunately, this has not

been the case recently. It has become very difficult obtaining a reply
various technical questions I have (I am still waiting for a reply to a
question I posed three weeks ago). Good luck with your system.
Juan C. Garbalosa, PhD, PT
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Ave.
West Hartford, CT
Ofiice: (860) 768-5371
Fax: (860) 768-5244

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I just started using Peak a few weeks ago after several months of
with EVA. I would like to with hold my experience for the time being,
until I
have verified whether I have been working with the most recent version.
However, at some point I will definitely give you information.

In the meantime I would also be interested in your other replies as
at years end I must also make a purchase.

Lou Rosenfeld

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We purchased the latest Peak Motus system and had it installed during
10/97. So far the software is very nice and has some great features
(like a
zoom for digitizing). The other nice thing is the video segment gets
downloaded to the hard drive (don't worry, its a seperate hard drive
for video). There have been a number of little things that we've had
problems/questions, but the people at Peak have been very good to work
with. I don't have experience with their real time system, not sure if
you're considering that or not. If you have some specific questions or
would like to talk more about the system in general, feel free to call
or email me. There is more I could tell you about, but its a little
difficult via email.

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We have been using APAS for a few years. Once the system was
installed and configured, we have been able to use APAS almost
flawless. The almost refers to one occasion where someone messed
up a few system files. The Ariel Dynamics staff helped us fix the
problem over the phone. We were only down for two days (we spent
one day trying to fix it ourselves). We are running AMTI force plates,
marker data, EMG, sync channel to a Macintosh system, and the
occassional force transducer through APAS. We also run the digitizing
and analysis software off a ZIP drive on another computer. We use
Gord Robertson's version of BIOMECH for 2D kinetic/kinematic analyses
(it reads APAS files directly).

The main thing that we would like to see improved is upgrading the A/D
board and software from +/-5V to +/-10V. Even considering this point,
we made a good choice in purchasing APAS.

Edward Lemaire, MSc
Clinical Researcher
The Rehabilitation Centre
(613) 737-7350 x5592

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Hi Charles,
I am a Biomedical Engineer for Kinematic Consultants, NJ. I am
responsible for data collection and analysis. We use the APAS system
for all aspects of patient analysis. We do gait and functional
capacities on a daily basis. I have found the APAS to be efficient and
accurate. We recently upgraded to the new APAS windows version. I am
extremely impressed with the digi4 program. You can automatically
digitize up to 4 views simultaneously. The transformed stick figure
builds on the screen frame by frame. There is a new program called
APASview. This allows you to combine kinematics, kinetics, force plates

, EMG and any other data, in a dynamic, synchronized report. There are
many other features but for me, time is important. For this reason
alone, I am very happy with the new upgrade. Hope this is helpful.
Monica Castro, B.E.
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I have been using PEAK5 software for the past 10 years and do not
have may complaints about the software. It is not WINDOWS based and
prefers to run on an old PC 386 machine. I do not have experience
with the new PEAK windows based software.

Their support has been very good.
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First, sorry for the delay in contacting you. We purchased the Ariel
system because it met our needs; lower price, speed, and the kinetics
module. Because some of the software modules are DOS based, the system
is fast. The reason we're selling the system have nothing to do with
how it works (by the way, the customer service I received by email from
John Probe has always been quick and accurate) rather problems with
business partners.

Robert Heppe
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