Dear biomch-l'ers,
I should like to find the colleaguas for joint
co-operation and working out a proposals for receive a grants
I have deal with elaboration and use the devices
that measuring of rheology characteristics of tissue by
different methods (choice of their depend on elasticity of
the object):
1.By strain - stress relations methods. The original device we made
give us possibility for investigations the elasticity characteristics of the
human brain (in operation) and for burn in rehabilitation.
2.Impedance method in low frequencies range.
3.Investigation of Reley's (surface) wave on tissue, by noncontact ultrasonic
phase vibrometer. I made out the ultrasonic vibrometers (in air) that use
for measurements of the distributions the amplitude and the phase of the
oscillation along the object surface (base aim).
4.Investigation of the distribution of elasticity along the tissue.
In proceedings: we made the base model of device and have the first results.


Vyacheslav V. Kazakov, Ph.D.,
Institute of Applied Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Department "Radiophusical mathods in medicine",
46, Uljanov St.,GSP - 120
Nizhny Novgorod, 603600, Russia,