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    I have been asked to post the following job announcement.
    Please respond to the following address, and not to me:

    Bente Schibye (
    National Institute of Occupational Health, Denmark
    Lersoe Parkalle 105
    DK-2100 Copenhagen OE
    Fax (+45) 39 16 52 01
    Phone (+45) 39 16 53 45

    Deadline: March 12, 1998

    Senior Researcher

    At the National Institute of Occupational Health, Denmark in the
    Department of Work Physiology, a position as senior researcher is open
    and available as soon as possible. The Department deals with research
    within quantification and effects of musculoskeletal work loads.

    Applicants will be offered to participate in a team of colleagues who
    study the work load within physically heavy work. The position
    includes work place studies where exposures leading to musculoskeletal
    disorders are quantified and documented. Some of the documentation
    includes studies in the laboratory. In connection with research
    performed within the relation between exposure and effect, the
    Department wants to build up a number of capacity and function tests.
    The work will be performed in interdisciplinary co-operations within
    the institute as well as with international co-operations.

    Successful applicants should:

    · Have experience as a physiologist
    · Have knowledge of and experience with biomechanical methods
    including electromyography · Have knowledge of and experience with
    methods for research within motor control · Have knowledge of and
    experience with epidemiological methods · Participate in education and
    lecturing tasks · Undertake guidance of younger colleagues and
    initiate new projects in the position as senior researcher
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Bjarne Laursen
    National Institute of Occupational Health
    Lerso Parkalle 105
    DK-2100 Copenhagen O, Denmark
    phone: +45 39 16 53 66
    fax: +45 39 16 52 01