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    Research Assistant RA1A - Biomedical Engineering
    University of Oxford

    The University of Oxford will appoint a research assistant to commence
    work during the summer of 1998 for a period of one year. The successful
    candidate will join the research groups of Dr Trevor Gardner and
    Professor O’Connor at the Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering
    Centre, to work on a research project on bone fractures funded by the
    Wellcome Trust. The project is a mathematical study of the mechanical
    environment of a bone fracture, and the correlation of this environment
    with the pattern and speed of healing.

    A combination of direct measurement and calculation will be used to
    characterise the mechanical environment of a healing tibial fracture
    during simple standing and walking activities in a motion analysis
    laboratory. Computer models will be developed from radiographs and
    from MRI of the fractured bone and reparative bridging tissue (the
    callus) at different stages during healing. Displacements, forces and
    moments at the fracture, evaluated during activity, will be used to
    calculate the distribution of stresses and strains within the
    callus tissue and bone using finite element analysis. Solutions will
    be correlated with the subsequent pattern of healing of the callus
    observed from radiographs.

    Previous experience of computer modelling using finite element analysis
    is essential, and experience of modelling the mechanics of the
    musculo-skeletal system will be an advantage. The salary will be on the
    RA1A scale, and although the period of employment will be 1 year,
    extra funding is currently being applied for to extend the post to do
    additional research related to bone fracture healing and modelling of
    the musculo-skeletal system.

    Written applications, with CV, list of publications and the names and
    addresses of three referees should reach Dr Gardner by 15 April 1998 (Dr
    Trevor Gardner, OOEC, NOC, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford. OX3 7LD).
    Applications may also be sent by e-mail to Dr Gardner