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Elbow Flexion and antagonist activity

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  • Elbow Flexion and antagonist activity

    We have been doing several different research projects that involve the
    elbow joint and have been surprised at the amount of triceps activity we see
    in elbow flexion! My question is.....
    Why do you think that there is so much triceps (antagonist) activity in
    the performance of a biceps curl?
    We have considered many different possible explanations and are
    currently considering that maybe it is due to a stabilizing action at the
    shoulder joint! Any explanations as to this activity which is surprisingly
    high, would be greatly appreciated!
    Triceps surface electrodes have been placed on the lateral head and
    medially on the more distal area.

    Thank you for your time...

    Cheers Andrew Jameson

    (Ph.D. Candidate in Biomechanics at The University of Mississippi)

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