Funding currently is available through the National Center for Medical
Rehabilitation Research (NICHHD, NIH) to support doctoral study in the
Movement Science Program at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.
Accepted applicants will receive a stipend and tuition waiver.

The Program in Physical Therapy, under the auspices of the Graduate School
of Arts and Sciences, is pleased to offer the opportunity for doctoral
study in Movement Science. The Movement Science Program is a unique
opportunity for individuals interested in developing research skills and
leads to the degree "Doctor of Philosophy". This interdisciplinary program
trains scientists to investigate fundamental and applied aspects of human
movement from the perspective of the three contributing disciplines of
biomechanics, bioenergetics, and biocontrol. To achieve this, several other
departments, including Neurology, Medicine, Engineering, Biology,
Neuroscience, and Psychology, collaborate with Physical Therapy to offer a
wide range of educational and research opportunities.

Additional applicants are sought to be considered for the Fall 1998
semester. Although several positions are available, specific funding is
available to work with Michael J. Mueller, PhD, PT on a number of projects
investigating mechanical factors which contribute to injury on the
Diabetic Foot.

Physical Therapists wishing to pursue a doctoral degree (PhD) in the
Program in Movement Science at Washington University should contact Dr.
Michael Mueller at (E-mail); or Dr. Shirley
Sahrmann, the Director of the Graduate Program, at for more information. Additional information is
located at our website;

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