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New location for ISB web site

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  • New location for ISB web site

    Dear subscribers,

    The ISB web site has moved to the following location:

    Please update your links. An automatic forwarding has
    been installed at the old site.

    Many new documents and files have been added, others
    have been updated.

    Summary of what's new:

    * new webmaster: Tiffany Orlando
    * finite element mesh repository, coordinated by Marco Viceconti
    * CT data contributed by Serge Van Sint Jan
    * update to musculoskeletal model documentation by Scott Delp
    * 3-D rigid body kinematics software by Joe Sommer
    * BioProc signal processing package by Gordon Robertson
    * New Biomch-L home page and search engine
    * Help files for downloading and contributing to the site
    * GCVSPL MEX interface for Matlab 5.1, by Tony Reina

    Clink on for details.

    -- Ton van den Bogert

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