Dear All,
the message of Ton Van den Bogert was a very laconic announcement of the
ISB Finite Element Mesh Repository. This is to enforce that announcement
(but this is not necessary considering the amy access we observed in the
first working day) but also to:

CALL FOR FINITE ELEMENT MESHES TO BE SHARED with others for non-commercial

Please go to for
details about the submission procedure.

Each perspective user must accept an angreement
which grants to ownership and the proper use of the mesh.

If you any doubt about this action, please take a look to
where you can find the original discussion on this topic.

Feel free to contact me for any question on this volutary effort.

Thanks in advance


ps: a lot of people accessing the site today; thus you may have an "access
denided message"; try a gain after a few minuts.

>Dear subscribers,
>The ISB web site has moved to the following location:
>Please update your links. An automatic forwarding has
>been installed at the old site.
>Many new documents and files have been added, others
>have been updated.
>Summary of what's new:
>* new webmaster: Tiffany Orlando
>* finite element mesh repository, coordinated by Marco Viceconti
>* CT data contributed by Serge Van Sint Jan
>* update to musculoskeletal model documentation by Scott Delp
>* 3-D rigid body kinematics software by Joe Sommer
>* BioProc signal processing package by Gordon Robertson
>* New Biomch-L home page and search engine
>* Help files for downloading and contributing to the site
>* GCVSPL MEX interface for Matlab 5.1, by Tony Reina
>Clink on for details.
>-- Ton van den Bogert
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