As a brief introduction of myself, I am relatively new to the mailing
list and am a Ph.D student at the University of Nottingham's
Institute of Occupational Ergonomics. My project is focused on
arm and torso postural reactions in the performance of static and
dynamic force exertion tasks. Amongst other variables, I intend to
monitor forearm internal and external rotation.

Please advice on how elctrogoniometers and opto-electronic 3-D
systems like CODA may best be used to measure
forearm internal and external rotation.
I will be glad to receive, information and references on case
applications and other methods for taking the measurements in a
practical, actual task performance situation.

You can expect a posting of summary responses received.


Olanrewaju O OKUNRIBIDO (Mr)
OKUNRIBIDO, O Olanrewaju (Mr)
Institute for Occupational Ergonomics
Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management
University of Nottingham
University Park, NG7 2RD
Tel: 44-0115-9514036

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