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Kicking force

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  • Kicking force

    Dear all,

    I want to measure the force produced by taekwondo or boxer player during
    kicking or hitting the sandbag. Is there any suggestion that how to measure
    the kicking force generated ?

    I am now want to use a load cell (force sensor) to measure the force generated
    during kicking. The load cell will fixed with one end on the ceiling and the
    other end will link with the sandbag. During the taekwondo or boxer kicking
    the sandbag, the tensile force can be measured by the load cell.


    1. Is there any suggestion for measuring such kicking force generated ?

    2. In order to purchase a suitable load cell, I want to know what is the
    maximum force generated during above kicking situation.

    3. Is there any recommendation or reference about this study ?

    I am waiting for your reply. Thank you very much.

    Best regards,


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