Dear all:

I am current a PH.D. student at the University of Iowa. My research project is to create the FE model of the
human spine with soft tissues which include skin, fat, muscles... etc..

I am looking for the following information. And I appreciate any information from you.

1. material properties of muscles, which includes the stiffness of muscles in the fiber direction and the
lateral direction under active and passive conditions. Muscles concerned are abdominal muscles, psao,
quadratus lumborum, erectus spinae. Other muscles' information is also welcome.

2. material properites of fat tissue.
3. material properites of ligaments around Sacroiliac joint.
4. suggestions of how to model active and passive muscles.

All the replied message will be summarized and sent back to BIOMCH-L.

Hsiung-Tsai, Fred, Chang
Biomedical Engineering Department
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242

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