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    >Dear all,
    >I want to measure the force produced by taekwondo or boxer player during
    >kicking or hitting the sandbag. Is there any suggestion that how to measure
    >the kicking force generated ?
    >I am now want to use a load cell (force sensor) to measure the force generated
    >during kicking. The load cell will fixed with one end on the ceiling and the
    >other end will link with the sandbag. During the taekwondo or boxer kicking
    >the sandbag, the tensile force can be measured by the load cell.
    >1. Is there any suggestion for measuring such kicking force generated ?

    Neal and Landeo (1996) have studied the segmental interaction in Bandal
    Chagui (round house kick), and measured the force at impact. They used a
    Kistler force plate to meassure the force at impact. There was however the
    dumping effect of the polyurethane cushioned target that was attached to the
    force plate. Conkel (1987) have used a piezoelectric film bonded to lexcam
    attached to a sand bag.

    >2. In order to purchase a suitable load cell, I want to know what is the
    >maximum force generated during above kicking situation.

    All dependes of the kick you are interested in. Force at impact varies
    according to: a)subjects (male, female, adult, elite, beginner etc.) and b)
    the nature of the kick. It varies from 469.9 Nm in Bandal Chagui, to 246.9
    Nm Ap chagui (front kick) for an elite population.
    >3. Is there any recommendation or reference about this study ?

    You can have a look at: Med $ Science in Sports $ exerc., Vol 20(2) Suppl. ,
    Joon S.N. (1987) U.S. taekwondo Journal, IV(2): 10-15, Chuang and Lieu
    (1992), Journ. of Biom. Eng. 114,346-351.

    I think you should also take into account the effect of "control" in the
    force at impact. It tends to reduce the force at impact, as well as the
    kicking velocity. You should preferably use a device with which the subjects
    feel comfortably enough to develop as much power as they can when kicking.

    Good luck

    ,-_|\ Raúl Landeo Sánchez & Cecilia Barbieri Campos
    / \
    \_,-. / Telephone: +61 2 9872 7171
    o Sydney, Australia


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