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  • Re: Distance learning course of Master degree about biomechanic

    Dear subscribers

    I received the many answer about distance learning courses about
    I am sure that these information are helpful for one who want to study
    and learn biomechanics in his or her home.


    The United States Sports Academy, in Daphne Alabama, U.S.A. Offers
    learning courses, including biomechics. I am a graduate. Good Luck.

    "Meg V. Perritt" , Pacific Bell Internet
    The Bioengineering Unit at U. of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland) has
    study abroad programs that may interest you. I just completed my PhD
    with the Bioengineering Unit - I found it to be a very good program.

    Edward Lemaire, PhD
    Clinical Researcher
    The Rehabilitation Centre
    (613) 737-7350 x5592

    Address of the Bioengineering Unit at U. of Strathclyde (Glasgow,
    Scotland) is

    Hi, I am a graduate student at Auburn University. I am receiving my MS
    Industrial Engineering this summer. My emphasis is in occupational
    and ergonomics. Auburn University offers both the MS and PhD in a
    called "Outreach." In this program you are enrolled in a class, and
    receive the lectures on videotape.

    Auburn University does not offer a degree in biomechanics, but it does
    the safety and ergonomics degree. If Auburn University offers this,
    you can find the "Outreach" type of classes at other universities...such
    Georgia Tech or the University of Alabama. You can take a look at the
    Auburn University outreach program at, and click on the
    button that says "Outreach."

    Good luck!

    Mary Payton
    I hear the Dr. SU at National Cheng Kung Univ in Tainan Taiwan has an
    excellant Biomechanics course

    886-6-275-7575 T
    886-6-234-3270 F

    Dan India

    Motion Analysis Corporation
    Daniel India, Vice President
    3617 Westwind Blvd
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403 USA
    HQ Tel: 707-579-6500 Direct 847-945-1411
    HQ Fax 707-526-0629 Direct 847-945-1442

    Look at these web sites

    There seem to be several places (in USA) that offer masters degree
    courses of some type, although I do not know if they extend to
    International students as well (but I hope so).

    Please post a summary, as I think it is fascinating to watch this new
    educational path grow.

    Bryan Kirking
    Research Engineer
    Department of Orthopedic Surgery
    Baylor College of Medicine
    Houston, Texas

    I posted a similar question on the list about a year ago and the
    only institution that responded was the University of Strathclyde
    in Glosgow, Ireland. However, they have a satelite program in asia
    based at the National University of Singapore.

    I suppose it would be best if you write to (or e-mail) the University
    of Strathclyde.

    May I ask for a summary of replies for this query?

    Thank you very much.

    Maxwell Leland Amurao
    Sport Biomechanist
    Philippine Center for Sports Medicine

    Kang Hee Cho, M.D., Ph.D.
    Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
    College of Medicine Chungnam National University
    Taejon, Korea
    tel; +82-42-220-7818
    fax; +82-42-256-6056

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