Dear readers,
I have some questions for you.

Does anybody know application of camera self-calibration with bundle
adjustment to biomechanics (calibration of a multi camera system with
control points of unknown coordinates)?
I have read some paper of Dr. Gruen, Beyer and Maas (Photogrammetry
Departement ETH Zurich) but this topic is not greatly developed.

Is it possible to achieve a complete multi camera calibration with that
method by only a stick (carrying two markers) moved inside the working volume?

Could you suggest to me a valid documentation on that issue on the web?

I have tryed to implement the bundle minimization algorithm but also by
inserting contraint equation on the stick length I meet with serious
stability problems of the design matrix. No good convergence is achieved.

I know AMASS techinque (I think VICOM uses it) but yet it is based on an
early Dapena's work (Dapena J., Everett A.H. and Miller J.A. (1982)
Three-dimensional cinematography with control object of unknown shape. J.
Biomech. 15, 11-19.).

Thank you, Pietro.

Dr. Eng. Pietro Cerveri
Dipartimento di Bioingegneria
Politenico di Milano
P.zza Leonardo da Vinci, 25
tel. +39-2-23993335

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