2 Graduate Positions (BAT IIa-O/2)

a) Physicists or Engineers: FEM-Analysis (ANSYS) Musculature
b) Biologists: Experimental Analysis of Muscle Properties
>From 1.4.98 to 31.12.98. Grant application until 2000. Requirement: M.D.

2 Postdocs (BAT IIa-O)

c) Biomechanical Modeling and Analysis of Muscle Properties. 6 Months.
Applications to Prof. R. Blickhan, Biomechanik, FSU, D-07749-Jena, Tel.:
0049 3641 9 45701 Fax: 45702 e-mail.: reinhard.blickhan@uni-jena.de
URLs http://www.uni-jena.de/spowi/s_bio.htm, http://www.uni-jena.de/bewsys/
(in German)

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