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    2 Postdocs (BAT IIa-O)
    (guest scientists)

    The biomechanics group of the innovationcollege "Motion Systems"
    investigates the biomechanical consequences of threedimensional arrangement
    and recruitment of muscle fibres using newly developed finite element
    models (ANSYS) combined with experimental studies, the consequences of
    joint geometry and joint properties for the operation of the muscle
    skeletal system, and the dynamic behavior of different complex
    biomechanical systems such as humans and spiders.

    Scientists with background in biology, physics, mathematics or engineering
    from Germany or abroad are welcome. The positions are open for 6 months
    from July to December 1998.

    Applications to Prof. R. Blickhan, Biomechanik, FSU, D-07749-Jena, Tel.:
    0049 3641 9 45701 Fax: 45702 e-mail.:

    URLs:, (in German)

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