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  • hip forces

    Dear all,
    I am currently involved in a project where we have to
    model/understand the forces acting about the hip during the stance
    phase of gait. Being of a long lost mathematical background I am
    having difficulty grasping a few things. My major problem is
    understanding the forces of the muscles.

    Gottschalk et al (1989) describe the function of the gluteus medius
    (in particular the posterior fibres) is to maintain the femoral head
    in the acetabulum. This appears to be in contrast to the view of
    Bombelli (1993) who describes the hip abductors, comprising Gluteus
    medius, minimus and piriformis, as having a resulatant force which
    can be split into a vertical vector and a horizontal vector. The
    horizontal vector is laterally directed and so tends to push the
    femoral head out of the acetabulum. I would appreciate it if anybody
    could help explain this apparent contradiction (which may not be a
    contradiction at all!).

    In addition if anybody could help me find a good resource for the
    classification of different types of OA of the hip I would be
    grateful. I have read the paper by Cameron nad Macnab in 1975 which
    calssify 6 different presentations. Are there any more recent
    texts/articles on this topic?

    I will post a summary replies


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