Date: Wed, 06 May 92 13:53:33 -0500
Subject: Job Opportunity at Lockeed
From: Chiun-Hong Chien
Sender: Vision-List Digest, 7 May 1992, Vol. 11, Nr. 18

Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company is seeking applicants for
the development of perception modules for space robotics. The work
involves object recognition, pose estimation, tracking, 3D shape
recovery from multiple images, sensor calibration, parallel and
distributed implementation of vision algorithms, and other robotic
vision tasks. Prospective applicants should have strong background
on computer vision (especially 3D vision), image processing,
computational/differential geometry, optimization techniques.
Practical experience in building perception modules for robotic
projects is a must. Knowledge about various sensors (including 3D
laser scanners), robotics, CAD modelers, and parallel computers is a
plus. Master or Ph.D degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer
Science, or related disciplines are required.

Please send curriculum vitae with details of work experience and
names of three references to
e-mail: and
US-mail: Ralph Krog
Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Company
Mail Code C-19
2400, NASA Road 1
Houston, TX 77058

(N.B.: No information was provided on US Citizenship or Green Card require-
ments -- hjw)